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Las Vegas Waxing Salon Finds Success Through The Internet

Wax Las Vegas
Wax Las Vegas
Wax Hair Removal Bar

One of the greatest challenges for small, local businesses that service a population that can be defined as "drive-up customers" is the effective utilization of the internet to build their customer base and grow their business. For a local business, having a website does not translate into noticeable profits in most cases, as the owners or designers do not understand the concepts of "localized search engine optimization." The creation of a website that will define your business brand, display your products and services to potential customers, and provide crucial contact elements like phone numbers, addresses and hours of operation is crucial to the process, however it is only the beginning of it. Many local businesses will create a website thinking it will solve their problems with regard to marketing by getting them customers that would not normally know they exist. The flaw in this thinking is that the only people who end up going to the website are people who ALREADY know you exist, because you sent them there by giving them a card, displaying an advertisement that shows the url, or someone referred them to you by name. These are not new customers gained the way advertising functions, and are instead just people who were already going to patronize your shop looking for specific information about you. Most business owners create their website expecting new customers to find them instead of their competition, and this is actually accomplished through search engine optimization.

Localized seo and standard seo are two different versions of the same concept, using different methods to achieve a presentation of your business to people who are searching for your products and services in general. The example of the waxing salon in Las Vegas Wax Hair Removal Bar is a perfect example of this case study. Creation of the website itself gave them a certain amount of positions on search engines, just based upon the text within the website. Where Wax Las Vegas found real success was in utilizing "localized seo" in order to fully bring together elements that Google looked for in order to get presented in the top "local" positions for searches that were being done in the local area. Wax Las Vegas does not benefit from a position on a search engine in Boston if someone searches for "waxing salon" because they do not have a store in that area, and nobody from Boston is going to drive to Las Vegas specifically to get a Brazilian wax or anal bleach (yes, this is one of their services!) Instead Wax Las Vegas focused on coming up in searches that were being done from the Las Vegas area, tweaking specific elements of their website, their local profiles, their social media presentations, etc. Through this process, the local waxing salon was able to present themselves to the correct market for the correct searches, and expose themselves to potential new customers who were searching for something like "full body waxing in Las Vegas." Through this process, Wax Las Vegas was able to more than double the traffic to the website itself, and generate a huge increase in people who find brand presentations within local profile listings, thus resulting in new customers who never actually go to the website, instead making a choice through reading location information, reviews and other information presented within that specific profile.

Many business owners do not understand the relationship between rankings and "offsite" information like local profiles and reviews. These profiles and the information they present have a direct effect on higher rankings within the local environment for both your website and the local business profile that is maintained on the search engine server itself. The information on the website must match and further develop this profile information to be effective, and there are very specific elements that must also be put into place in order to have Google understand that this particular website is linked to a particular profile or owner. Further development of ancillary data like Youtube videos is also becoming crucial in order to "outrank" competition. A single Youtube video that was produced for the Vancouver location of the same waxing business and presented on the Youtube channel connected to the local profile for that business has generated more than 550,000 views in three months, directly causing both the impression rates for the local profile to spike dramatically but also increasing the rankings for the website connected to it. This same type of "localized seo" can be implemented for any local business, and can be successful over time if executed correctly. Wax Las Vegas is a perfect illustration of this type of success, just Google it if you don't believe it....and while you are at it stop by for a Brazilian wax or an anal bleaching!

Raymond Santopietro is the president and lead strategist for Focus Internet Services, a local Las Vegas seo company and internet marketing firm. They can be reached for comment or inquiry at 702-997-1252.