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Las Vegas Veterinarian Takes A Novel Approach

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Most people take their pets to the veterinarian when they are sick, injured or need a refill of medication. The costs of surgeries and treatments for sick animals can run thousands of dollars, and unfortunately many of these maladies could be avoided by small and routine maintenance procedures. Most veterinarians are more than happy to provide these high cost treatments, and very few would do something about changing the amount of those procedures that are necessary. After all, it is the way that veterinarians make money. Dr. Mark Beerenstrauch and his staff at Pet Health And Lifetime Care Center On Desert Inn are looking to change the face of veterinary medicine.

Dr. Beerenstrauch, who most clients refer to as Dr. B, has created a new philosophy in veterinary medicine, placing the wellness of the pets as the priority. He spent years crafting his "Canine Health" and "Feline Health" programs, which are lifelong periodic maintenance plans catered specifically to species, breed and various other aspects or your animal. By putting together an inclusive plan that maps out the periodic maintenance and treatments that will keep your pet in tip-top health throughout their entire life, Dr. B believes that many cases of preventable disease will be avoided, saving both pet's lives and large costs that many pet owners would find difficult to pay. "Just like in human beings, it is far more cost effective to prevent the disease than to try and treat the disease," Dr. B stated.

The lifetime care programs that Dr. B has created are available exclusively at Pet Health And Lifetime Care Center On Desert Inn, a veterinary facility in Las Vegas where Dr. B is the lead veterinarian and founder. Although they offer the same services as standard and traditional veterinarians, surgery, treatment, vaccinations, boarding and others, Pet Health also offers their wellness programs to their clients so as to avoid those more large scale procedures. Information about the programs and facility is available on the Pet Health website, where appointments can be arranged and pet care tips can be found.