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Las Vegas veterinarian offers weekly pet tips

Hot asphalt burns paws
Hot asphalt burns paws
Pet Health Hospital

Social media is a typical space for graphics that are designed to simply give the viewer a laugh or a good feeling, but now a Las Vegas veterinarian named Dr. Mark Beerenstrauch is trying to use the same idea to educate people on pet ownership. Beerenstrauch's clinic is called Pet Health Hospital, and it was founded on the idea that knowledge and routine wellness care, as well as preventive procedures, can assist pet-owners to provide healthier lives for their animals. Pet Health Hospital has now launched a new campaign designed to raise owner awareness of everyday pet-related issues, and is distributing them through social media at a rate of one-per-week.

As an example of the pet tip graphics, this week's tip relates to hot asphalt awareness, and the fact that on a ninety degree day the asphalt is one-hundred and forty-five degrees in the sun, enough to fry an egg. he way to test if the asphalt is safe for your pet's paws is to place your hand flat on it, and if you can hold it there without pulling it away then it is also safe for your pet's paws. The graphics themselves are available for free download on the Pet Health Hospital website in the pet tips section, and are encouraged to be shared through social media in order to spread the knowledge. "The goal was to provide some simple and common sense knowledge that can save pet's lives, as well as helping them lead happier and injury free lives," Beerenstrauch stated.