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Las Vegas: Tuesday night out at Moon


Moon VIP Photo by Melanie Lee

Where are you going Tuesday night? If you’re a local, there’s a good chance you’re going to Moon inside the Palms! Moon has something for everyone, evidenced by the crowd it inspires on the casino floor every night it’s open. So read on and check out Moon Tuesday, perfect for locals and visitors alike!

Moon’s entrance is in the Fantasy Tower. If you park in the garage next to 24/7 Café, it’ll be to your left past the café; if you park in the garage by the movie theatre, it’ll be on the right past the buffet. The entrance is on the casino floor but the club is over 50 stories above it.

What to Expect Inside
Once you step off the elevator—ears popped—you’re immediately faced with the central bar. To your right is the main floor (you’ll enter here if you take the escalator from Playboy Club). For those with extra cash, there are numerous tables with easy dance floor access. If you’re on a budget but want to relax, the upstairs has a long counter spanning the indoor balcony. It provides a fantastic view of downstairs and elbow room/purse space. And Moon wouldn’t be Moon without the famous retractable roof; perfect for starry nights out with a date or friends. Just check the weather forecast for rain. Parkas don’t make good club attire.

The Best Deals
Host, Pasquale Romano, gave me some insight into deals at Moon. While admission is generally $20 per person, ladies and locals (with ID) are free. Industry workers and locals can ask about bottle specials, which may be available. Also check the Moon website, you never know when special events with drink specials might pop up!


  • For information about guestlist or bottle service, contact Pasquale Romano at (702) 563-5060.
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  • Stacy 5 years ago

    How is this story about Budget Nightlife? $7.00 beers and $12.00 martinis are far from Budget.

  • Melanie 5 years ago


    I'm sorry if you felt the drink prices were unreasonable! The focus of the story is to help you find deals that you aren't already aware of so that next time you won't have to spend as much! Be sure to check the Moon site for any possible drink special or open bar events and contact my favorite host about guestlist and free admission!

  • Megan 5 years ago

    lol considering where you are, $7 beers and $12 martinis are pretty reasonable. I was just recently in Miami Beach and I paid $12 for a cup of beer, bottles were $15. I enjoy all of the helpful tips that Miss Lee has been giving. They have all been very helpful and reasonable.

  • Melanie 5 years ago


    Thanks for your support! Glad to help!!!