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Las Vegas Thrift stores Goodwill's orange and red tags confusing


Goodwill practices good customer service. Photo/Goodwill website.

Having shopped at the Las Vegas Goodwill stores for over 13 years, I was shocked to discover a new tag color. The fact that there was a new color with no announcement is bad enough, however, the color is red and it is simply a darker orange than their regular orange. Confusing when you see it alone, also not know there even is a red tag doesn't help the situation.

Last time I shopped, I choose some orange tagged items as they were 50% off. When I got to check out I was informed that the different color orange tags were red and not included in the sale.

Since the cashier simply wanted me to pay and leave, I had to go to management. I wanted to know what the deal was so I could let you, my readers, know about the situation.

The manager explained the difference, agreed that the tags were confusing and did give me the original discount I had expected. This is the sign of excellent customer service which I have come to expect from Goodwill.

FYI, when orange tags are on sale, it is the lighter orange. NOT the darker shade of orange. When in doubt ask an employee. Don't be afraid to ask for a supervisor or store manager if you encounter less than excellent customer service or the answer you got seems vague.


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