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The Las Vegas Strip is world's most visited tourist attraction

The Las Vegas Strip is the most visited tourist attraction in the world according to a survey/list compilation by The Strip (39.7 million visitors in 2013) edged out New York City's Times Square (39.2 million) to capture the top spot on a list of the top 50 most visited tourist attractions worldwide. The 2013 data results were based on attraction statistics along with industry and government reports according to the source. We respectfully wonder if former mayor Oscar Goodman played some sort of contributing role in these results. Of course he did.

A segment of the Las Vegas Strip, the most visited tourist attraction on the planet.
Courtesy Lasvegaslover via Wiki Commons attribution - Share alike license

The top ten among the 50 most visited attractions worldwide and annual visitor numbers (in millions) were...

  1. Las Vegas Strip - 39.7
  2. Times Square, NYC - 39.2
  3. Central Park, NYC - 37.5
  4. Union Station, Washington, DC - 32.8
  5. Niagara Falls, NY - 22.5
  6. Grand Central Station, NYC - 21.6
  7. Faneuil Hall Marketplace, Boston - 18.0
  8. Disney World, Orlando - 17.5
  9. Disneyland, Anaheim - 15.9
  10. Forbidden City, Beijing - 15.3

Lake Mead ( at Hoover Dam near Las Vegas) ranked number 43 on the list with over 6.2 million annual visitors. Other notable locations and their rankings included Florida's Epcot Center (17th, 11 million), the Great Wall of China (28th, 9 million), the Sydney Opera House (31st, 8.2 million), and the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France (38th, 7 million). Disney park locations featured 9 entries among the top 50 most visited world attractions.

**Header video notes / comments : This four-minute, north to south drive down the Strip took place in 2009, since which the Sahara resort in the early part of the video has been transformed into SLS Las Vegas which will open over Labor Day weekend 2014. Bill's Gamblin Hall & Saloon seen in the video is gone, soon to reopen as The Cromwell in May 2014. The City Center resorts (Aria, Vdara, and Mandarin Oriental) and the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas all opened after this video was initially published (their construction sites are unavoidably captured in the video; ongoing construction sites and associated travel snarls are always an omnipresent aspect of the Strip...sorta like the roles that taxes, hangnails, and the flu assume in everyday life).

The video publisher also omitted inclusion of the Luxor and Mandalay Bay resort drive-bys on the extreme South Strip. In spite of these slight current inaccuracies, this video captures the Vegas Strip night drive vibe quite well and is intended for viewers who might have experienced (or desire to) a typically simple exhaust-infused, hot-babe-promoed, perpetually-ongoing-construction trek down the electric spine route of Las Vegas. These are but a few elements of why we and nearly 40 million other Stripphiles, ultimate universal escapists, and people watchers flock here.

View it in full-screen mode and your cerebral cortex will almost trick you into believing you're there, restraining your impulses to scream at / flip-off adjacent drivers. The quality of the video is excellent and , for the average viewer, likely won't induce nausea like many of the other publicly available Strip - drive videos.


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