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Las Vegas SEO Isn't Dead, It Is Just Different Now

The Las Vegas SEO business is not dead, it has just changed over the years. Even though there are unbelievable amounts of content online discussing the death of SEO as a practice, and talking about the impossible aspects of search engine optimization for businesses, the single thing you must remember as a website owner is that Google did not completely get rid of all results that are displayed when people search for things, they just changed the elements that they are considering when they make their decisions on which websites to put in each position. When you Google your business services and then put "Las Vegas" after it, you are returned a group of results that are probably your competitors, and if you are lucky then your website is also listed in the results. If you are not listed, then you have to ask yourself "what are they doing that I am not?" The answer is search engine optimization, just not in the same way it used to be done.

The definition of "search engine optimization" is to manipulate a website through the code, text and links in order for it to move higher in search engine rankings. A few years ago, large scale algorithm updates happened that removed "cheaters" from the rankings, in the form of websites that manipulated specific elements in a specific way in order to gain higher rankings. This is nothing new, the entire history of search engines has been littered with seo companies figuring out what elements the search engines are looking for and then doing them, so as to get higher rankings. When it was all about volume of links, seo companies created thousands of links. When it was about the text of those links, soe companies created the correct text for those links. When it was about keywords inside the content on your site, seo companies stuffed keywords into your content on your website. The latest algorithm updates from Google are more advanced than in the past, but they are serving the same purpose, to get rid of seo cheaters.

Modern search engine optimization is defined by the creation of quality content and appropriate structuring so that Google can understand it. It is also about judging the quality of that content based on the natural patterns of linking to it by other websites. While this has become nearly impossible to automate or fake, the best seo companies are now utilizing strategies that exploit exactly these elements, and they are gaining higher rankings because of it. The process cannot be automated as it once was, but the strategy of search engine optimization simply has shifted to utilization of new elements, like written text and social linking. The best optimized websites use these strategies, and get the best rankings as a result.

Google has become very localized, so there are new elements that were never used before in order to rank within localized searches. For example, a plumber in Las Vegas wants to rank for searches for "Las Vegas plumber," specifically so that people in Las Vegas will call him when they need a plumber. The first step it to localize the entire strategy for his address within the city, integrating the specific local elements that Google is searching for, authorizing the correct accounts, and developing the necessary profiles that give Google a better understanding of the physical address of the business. The next step is to bring those elements into the website itself, and match them perfectly. This gives Google a better understanding of the list of actual plumbers in Las Vegas, and puts this particular plumber into the list to be considered for good placements on the front page. The final step is to use the website to create and post content discussing the aspects of plumbing, and show Google that this particular website has the best information on Las Vegas. The association between localization and content does not need to involve stuffing the word "Las Vegas" into the website text over and over, Google knows you are in Las Vegas and knows you are a plumber. Your job is to convince Google that you are "the best" plumber in Las Vegas. That process is achieved through lots of content on the website about plumbing, and lots of social interaction between customers and your business. This is modern seo.

Google your services and put "Las Vegas" after it. This will give you a list of all of the competitors who are doing it right. They are not necessarily the best at what they do, they simply have the best websites and information on the subject. Take this attitude toward everything you do for your website, and you will be doing the job that a good Las Vegas seo company does. If you have the time to do this in a continual manner, then by all means continue and you will succeed. If you think this is taking too much time (which it probably will) then hire an seo company to do it for you. They do not necessarily have to be in Las Vegas in order to do seo for a Las Vegas business, but it will probably help for them to know the local landscape. Put as much into the budget as possible and allow time to have the work they do develop, which is usually three to six months. This is how you achieve better rankings in the modern world, and how your competition are getting the benefits of search engine placements to gain new business.

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