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Las Vegas search engine optimization

One question we often get asked is if it is better for a Las Vegas based business to hire a Las Vegas SEO company, or if they will get as good of results if they use a firm from out of state?

To be perfectly honest, good seo services can be performed from any location that has internet access, and the physical location of the firm providing your search engine optimization services is meaningless. When we do seo for a business that has a localized Las Vegas presence (meaning that they only serve customers from the local Las Vegas area, and nowhere else) we concentrate on a mixture of both standard website seo and localization tactics that involve spaces outside of the website, like Google +, maps, citations from review websites, social media and so forth. Our mixture of localization tactics and seo provides Google with the ability to understand that this business services the local Las Vegas area, and that they should be presented in the filtered local searches. This same type of tactic can be performed for any geographic area that a business exists, so from that standpoint the securing of a local Las Vegas search engine optimization company is of no additional value. The real value comes in the form of accessibility.

Even though the majority of clients are local Las Vegas businesses, we find that after the "getting to know you" period is over we tend to communicate in exactly the same way we do with all clients, through email, phone and text. Reports are delivered through email, strategies are worked out over the phone, and meetings are conducted via online chats. If a company is in Las Vegas or across the planet, everyone is still more comfortable sitting in their own offices, so most business owners tend to gravitate to these methods of communication even if you are next door. However, the comfort of knowing that our company is located in the same city as yours gives most owners an added sense of security that they know where we are, and can access us directly if necessary. Aside from this comfort level and the fact that many local businesses refer their merchants to other local businesses, there is no real strategic advantage to the work being performed from the Las Vegas location.

With regards to Las Vegas being a unique city in that our businesses face problems on Google with regards to accurate presentation in some capacities, stemming from the fact that Googling "Las Vegas signs" or something generic like it will result in tourist themed results and not localized business listings is a strategic element that gives benefit to the understanding of the community as well as the way Google users find information. In this regard, being actual patrons and citizens of the Las Vegas community gives us an advantage over out of state firms with regards to generating quality links, appropriate discussions in the spaces that locals use, and keeping our focus on the Las Vegas locals instead of the tourists who do not patronize off-stirp businesses. We just have a better understanding as to the pulse of the city than other firms do, and as a result we concentrate on the right places to expose you, instead of what we get from Googling "Las Vegas places to advertise!"

All in all, search engine optimization as a process involves the same procedures and tactics no matter what your geographic location. We can provide better search engine optimization services than anybody else out there anyway, and have been doing so for years. However, hiring a local Las Vegas SEO will probably provide your Las Vegas business with a slight advantage in many cases, so it is recommended that you find the best firm from your local pool.

Raymond Santopietro is President & CEO of Focus Internet Services and Wired In SEO. Either business can be reached through their websites as well as by phone at 702-997-1252.

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