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Las Vegas' Best Pools

Mandalay Bay Beach Pool is reminiscent of the Wet and Wild days of Las Vegas.
Mandalay Bay Beach Pool is reminiscent of the Wet and Wild days of Las Vegas.
Travel Pixie Press, 2012

After a long day walking the hotels, eating the buffets and contributing to the Las Vegas economy at the slots or tables, a pool is a great place to relax and get recharged for evening fun. Living here in no excuse for not taking advantage of the fabulous pools at the resorts in Vegas. Pools are natural attractions to seek when the digits hit triple in Las Vegas and some resort pools allow access for non guests for a cover charge. Some resorts even offer free pool access to locals on special days. Las Vegas has so many resort pools to choose from, choosing one, may be a daunting task. Most resort pools turn into a night club after dark, so choosing when to go needs to be added to the decision process. While most are for hotel guests only, resort pool areas are open to the public with a cover charge during special events such as concerts and nightclubs.

If it's daytime pool fun you seek, decide what amenities you need and narrow down your options. If you would like to go to a resort pool as a non-guest of the hotel, there are a few excellent choices. All-age pools that will be sure hits are The Luxor pool and Garden of the Gods at Caesars on the Strip, and The Tank at the Golden Nugget downtown. The Luxor pool has a $10 cover charge and has rafts and tubes available for a fee. The Garden of the Gods has an entrance fee of $20 and has one family friendly pool. The Tank has a cover charge of $20 for adults and $15 for children 2 years of age to 12 years of age. The Tank has a three-story water slide that goes through an aquarium with real sharks. The Tank is Las Vegas' most family friendly resort pool open to the public. It is absolutely a blast and a must see if you are going to spend time downtown. For more information visit,, and

Several Las Vegas pools have opened up areas that allow European bathing, meaning tops for ladies are optional and you have to be 21 or older to enter. The classiest ones that are open to the public are TAO Beach at the Venetian, Moorea Beach Club at Mandalay Bay and Venus Pool Club at Caesars. All offer cabanas and luxury service as well as poolside drinks and light snacks. Entry prices vary, but worth every penny for the atmosphere. Caesar Venus Pool Club has been free for ladies but changes based on events happening in the area. To check on cover charges and for more information visit,, and

If you are looking for a resort to stay at with a great pool, the best is Mandalay Bay. Arguably the best pool in Las Vegas period, Mandalay Bay Beach has several aquatic attractions. There is a lazy river, tide pool and sandy beach. Rafts and inner tubes are allowed to be brought in for use on the lazy river, or you can rent tubes there. These all-age areas are separate from the topless area of Moorea Beach Club and are only open to hotel guests. For locals, it is worth the price of a hotel room if you have a desire to experience a "Wet and Wild" like afternoon. Wet and Wild was Las Vegas' only water park until it closed, much to the dismay of locals and tourists, in 2004. For tourists this is a great place to stay because of its proximity to other resorts, amenities and other attractions around the hotel. You also have the choice of staying at the Four Seasons, located within Mandalay Bay, whose guests also get to use the pool area. Visit to see all the great things to do while staying here.