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Las Vegas Online T-Shirt Company Produces Marijuana Line

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The Las Vegas based online t-shirt retailer Kitty Kitty Bang Bang, most known for their outrageous and offensive designs, has gone into the legal marijuana business, or at least into the business of selling t-shirts about legal weed. No stranger to pop culture topics or current events, Kitty Kitty Bang Bang artist and creator Andrew Slayton has put forth his opinions on the legal marijuana debate with a new line of 20 graphics supporting Colorado and the nationwide legalization effort.

The newly released design line ranges from tame (by Kitty Kitty Bang Bang standards) presentations of a marijuana leaf surrounded by "Colorado Legalized" to the types of designs that will surely enrage conservative opponents, like a design featuring the iconic painting of George Washington complete with text reading "Live Free And High." The line of marijuana inspired t-shirts can be seen here:

Slayton is no stranger to controversy, having produced shirt designs that have drawn ire from groups ranging from religious organizations to gay rights outfits. "The entire point is to offend people, and get them talking. We allow you to voice your opinions with humor," Slayton said. This new line of marijuana inspired t-shirts should do exactly that.