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Las Vegas: Monday night out at Rhumbar


Rhumbar Interior Photo by Melanie Lee 

Looking for something a little bit more soothing on your Monday night? Try Rhumbar, inside the Mirage Hotel & Casino and get an early start on your partying with Pink Sugar Mondays! With a setting that feels more like a tropical retreat than any standard bar, Rhumbar might be just the thing to get your work week started. And don’t worry; they serve way more than just rum!

Rhumbar Patio Photo by Melanie Lee

Rhumbar is located towards the south side of the casino, near the walkway to the Strip. It’s right across from BLT Burger (where the tigers used to reside), next to the Sugar Factory. From the parking garage by Jet, it would be across the lobby and to the right (just follow the overhead signs).

What to Expect Inside
Rhumbar has two looks. The bar’s interior is predominantly white. With the circular panel against the mirrored wall along one side, this section has a kind of futuristic yet relaxing vibe. Step outside and it’s a different world. With the mixes of greens with the white misters (and the music), it’s a little hideaway. You can sip and lounge while watching some poor saps take on the Strip traffic (and forget that later, you will too). And it's open seating!

The Best Deals
While a representative for the bar did explain that there currently isn’t a happy hour at Rhumbar, that doesn’t mean there aren’t deals to be had! Drink prices start at around $8 with specialty cocktails running around $12-14, which is not pricey by drink Las Vegas standards. Additionally, $2 from every Pink Sugar cocktail purchase goes to the Susan G. Komen fight against breast cancer; so you can get your drink on and help out a good cause!


  • For additional information or bottle service reservations, contact Rhumbar at (702)792-7615.
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  • Jeff 5 years ago

    What part of Rhumbar fits the category of Budget? $18.00 Lemon Drops are close to the upper tier of pricing on The Strip, including nightclubs.

    Do a little more research.

  • Melanie 5 years ago


    I'm sorry you feel that your drink was a bit pricey! Drinks that are not from the menu sometimes run a bit higher since they aren't considered bar specials. If you go back, give the Pink Sugar a try! It's only $14, and $2 go to a great cause! Thanks for reading!