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Las Vegas is the 20th fattest city in the US

Las Vegas is in the Top 20 Fattest Cities
Las Vegas is in the Top 20 Fattest Cities

According to Men's Health, Las Vegas, although not in the Top 10 for fattest cities, receives a "D" grade. The list can be found on MSN and Men's Fitness.

"to arrive at our rankings, we calculated the percentage of people who are overweight, the percentage with type 2 diabetes, the percentage who haven't left the couch in a month (CDC Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System); the money spent on junk food (Bureau of Labor Statistics); and finally, the number of people who ate fast food nine or more times in a month (Mediamark Research)." (from

Some states, such as Texas are now trying to pass legislature for chain restaurants to post nutrition information, in order for patrons to make better choices. 

Right now, Nevada has no such law. 

Some things to help get Nevada on the fit list instead of the fat list, would be to take steps to get off the couch, make better food choices, and bringing your own meals