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Las Vegas has its newest Pet Partner Therapy Cat

Nirvana posing

It may appear that evaluating a cat is very different from a dog. But the Pet Partner therapy cat evaluation requires much of the same skill set as for the dogs.

Pet Partners it the only animal therapy organization that evaluates and registers and insures species other than dogs. Each species has its own test to pass and the Evaluator has to be experienced with that species to conduct the test.

The cat test requires that the animal be comfortable walking on a harness and leash and go into and out of its carrier on its own. The cat must be comfortable being passed from lap to lap without scratching, hissing or protesting.

The cat must be comfortable greeting new people and never appear bored or disinterested or anxious to flee.

The cat must remain calm and quiet when the door opens and the "neutral dog" comes into the room.

If the cat is small enough (under fifteen pounds) it can be carried and must be comfortable being lowered to people's laps or their height in a bed.

The cat must never hiss or extend its claws or cling to someone.

The cat must not only enjoy being handled all over but crave the human touch.

It is very difficult to find appropriate therapy cats. Many people think they have a friendly cat but put that animal in new surroundings with strange sounds and unfamiliar people and they can easily want to flee or freeze up, or scratch or hide.

Las Vegas is fortunate to have found an incredible new therapy cat, Nirvana. Nirvana is not only sweet and gentle and beautiful, but he actually sits on command! He and his handler will be a most welcome addition to the Love "Dog" therapy team!

If you have a cat you think might be suitable contact and see what it takes!

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