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Las Vegas group ‘Thunder from Down Under’ takes down a gunman on Strip

Ready to perform in Melbourne on Feb 20, 2014

Thunder from Down Under is known as a group of male strippers that the ladies love to watch, but they can add a new title to their resume. The guys were involved in a Las Vegas shooting and took down a gunman at the Excalibur Hotel and Casino. Usually the guys show off their tight abs, flex their muscles and even reveal a little leg, but apparently that brute strength isn’t just for show. According to the New York Post on Monday, the guys were involved in a shooting at the hotel and one cast member was shot in the face.

According to police report and man, who allegedly was on drugs, wandered into the private locker room of the entertainment cast around 9:30 p.m on Tuesday night. Allegedly he was looking for personal items in an attempt to steal the group’s belongings. He was caught by a member of the cast and was removed from the area into the courtyard. Then the intruder allegedly pulled a gun and fired a shot into the air. The bullet ricocheted off of a wall and hit one of the cast members in the face.

Thunder from Down Under is a popular group and folks who go to Las Vegas find their celebrity status quite amazing. The ladies will spend hours in line to take pictures with the cast members and the idea of getting together for a show.

It appears that Thunder from Down Under might have a new show to put together with their crime skills on display too!

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