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Las Vegas Grind Bar and Lounge's Ad depicts women negatively


(A/P photo/Matt Sayles) Sigourney Weaver at Power of Women Luncheon

An ad recently placed in the Rebel Yell, University of Las Vegas' paper showed a full page ad of a local restaurant Grind, a hamburger bar and lounge.  In this advertisement The Grind shows a woman cut or dissected into pieces labeled round , rump. loin. etc.  Giving the message that a woman is a piece of meat.  

Mr. Anthony Patricia, a UNLV grad student, discovered this slip and wrote to the Rebel Yell in protest of it and Ms. Gina M. Sulley both a PhD candidate and candidate of Women's Studies certificate at UNLV has written a letter to the manager of the Grind telling them she and many others will not patronage the establishment unless and until the ad is removed.  In addition to the letter Ms. Sulley has started a Facebook boycott of the restaurant which you can join here: http://www.facebook .com/ginagrrl? v=info&ref= profile#/ group.php? gid=172232712651

The Grind is located at 360 E. Tropicana and their website where you can view this advertisement is 

If you feel as strongly as many women that have seen this ad you can write a letter to the management by visiting their website and clicking on the Contact Us tab and filling in the necessary information.  A sample letter has been provided below or you may construct your own.


Dear Management of Grind:

I recently saw your ad (in the Rebel Yell or on your website) and I am offended that a woman would be depicted as a piece of meat.  This is an example of misogynist advertising and I will not patronage your restaurant until the ad is removed and a public apology is made.  Please understand that women have come a long way from the image your restaurant is depicting and our suffrage can not be in vain.  We await your response.



UPDATE: In response to the negative publicity the Grind has put up a survey on their website asking if people are offended and are offering a coupon for free product.


  • Liz 5 years ago

    This is clearly a waste of your time... Do you not realize there are greater battles to fight here in the city of Las Vegas as it pertains to Women's Rights... pick a better battle hun...

  • Regina 5 years ago

    Liz, I don't believe it is as clearly a waste of my time as you may believe. Feel free to suggest other breaking stories in this area as I am more the willing to hear your perspective. Try to leave personal attacks out of future suggestions. Thanks for visiting.

  • Liz 5 years ago

    The comment was directed towards Gina M. Sully. As woman in the Las Vegas Valley who feels much of this city's advertising is directly disrespectful of women I am mostly curious as to why this one venue and this one ad? I am capable of realizing the problem is not the simple introduction of a single ad by a burger joint in the campus newsletter so why choose this to arguement to champion your cause? It is an over-arching theme within the city at every casino, nightclub, strip club and legalized-brothel near the city. I believe this is a waste of time because if you are attempting to truly make an impact on this culture, attacking a single burger bar will only trivialize your cause to most of the Las Vegas community. There are large publicly traded companies in this city that would be much more impacted by boycotts and attacks of this kind. Everyone is free to their opinion however I am just offering some food for thought on mine...

  • Regina 5 years ago

    Liz I totally agree with you. I will put together another writing about this and perhaps you might want to start a page like Ms. Sulley did in boycotting the advertising that is offensive. I would be interested in being a part of that as well as seeing the potential impact it had on our city's advertising if women could be still sexual but presented in a good light.

  • Harry 5 years ago

    Should men go after Fox TV for their version of the American father in shows like The Simpson's or Family Guy? Perhaps just reserving the right to change the channel in silent protest is best. After all any publicity is good even if it is a boycott.

  • Amigo 5 years ago

    god almighty its just a bit of fun!
    If i was at the buger grind with my freinds and girl freind i would just point at it and say " look they serve girl burgers here" and laugh about it, and may be tickle my girl freind and ask her which piece she thinks is best lol, people need to have more sex and stop being so boring and up tight.
    yes I know women are not pieces of meat, blah blah I love women and women love people who enjoy life and don,t winge all the time.

  • Lisa Stevens 5 years ago

    Have to agree with some of the others. We would be crying wolf a bit dont you think? We are in the city of sin where a woman's body is part of the calling card our town uses. It doesnt matter if you agree or not - we discovered over a decade ago, Vegas cant sell 'family'. If we need a little fantasy or play on words as this ad clearly intends to mix it up, so be it.