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Las Vegas equestrians riding in local neighborhoods

JPG by Wiley Miller
JPG by Wiley Miller
Copyright © 2001 by Wiley Miller

A recent KVVU Fox5Vegas “The Rant” segment featured a local man’s frustration with his equestrian neighbors. Seems the riders in his area fail to clean up after their horses when they relieve themselves on neighborhood streets and sidewalks. To listen to his rant click (It is the very last one in the segment.)

Our Las Vegas Metro Police Department Mounted Officers are constantly in public areas with their horses so what are they required to do? The answer is: they are equipped with a scoop and garbage bag to pick up after their horses. However, if the mess is on the roadway, it stays due to traffic and safety issues. If the mess is on private property or on a pedestrian walkway, the Officers clean up after their horses.

Outside of Nevada, many communities and public beaches have bylaws requiring horse owners to clean up after their animals. On November 12, 2009, in Brevard County, Florida, horses were given an exemption from a bylaw banning animals from doing their business on public property, and requiring owners to clean it up. Commissioners accepted that it was not feasible for horse owners to stop, safely secure their animal, and clean up after them.

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  • sharon 5 years ago

    Though there may be few as there always are that don't clean up after their horses how about giving credit to those that do. I know me and my friend always go back and pick up if we can't right then so don't generalize to the point it overlooks the masses in doing good. Also remember the horse dun is biodegradable compared to cans,plastic, oil, and gas left on the road.

  • Allison 5 years ago

    How much do you want to bet the individual who is "ranting" happens to live in an equine community and knew that before buying. The fact is that the horses came first, not the communities. If you don't like it, move away. To complain about the manure or the flies or the shavings blowing around due to the wind, it to complain about high noise level when you move next to a train track.

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