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Las Vegas equestrians let us ride for the world record!


GUINNESS ® World Record Ride For The Rescues!
The American Competitive Trail Horse Association (ACTHA) is the biggest phenomenon in trail riding. Las Vegas equestrians may join in the fun on June 13, in an attempt to go down in history! Trail riders from all over the United States will mount up on the same day, from coast to coast in the thousands, to show their support for the horse rescues in America. You are welcome to join in the fun to break the record!

Las Vegas riders may sign up for the ride by accessing the local rider site. You must sign up in advance and be part of an associated ride so that your ride counts. For Las Vegas riders a link to the ride starting in Sandy Valley is The actual street address is 1411 Kingston Road, Sandy Valley, NV 89019. The starting point is located just past the Shiloh Horse Rescue if you are familiar with the Sandy Valley area.

This ride benefits horse in need! ACTHA states that 100% of the net proceeds of this event will go to support horse rescues and national programs designed to systemically help all horse rescues!

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