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Las Vegas guide to getting enough vegetables

Adding algae to food can help boost a diet that needs more vegetables.
by PWRDF, on Flickr

Fruits and vegetables are important to have every day, but they can sometimes be tough to find in with all of the sumptuous temptations in the city. Las Vegas is a haven for all of the sweet and meat treats anyone would want to eat, but when it comes time to down some veggies, some locals can have a terribly hard time. Here are some ways people in Las Vegas can get their veggies.

Add a small produce snack to your lunch.

Eating a high-fiber snack like an apple with your lunch instead of -- or in addition to -- your usual lunchtime snack indulgence can help you feel full longer while taking a step toward fulfilling your daily need for plant nutrients.

Visit the salad bar.

Almost all of the buffets in Las Vegas have a salad bar component to please those looking for some leafy greens in their daily diets. When starting up at an all-you-can-eat buffet, make the first plate a healthy plate of salad that is light on the dressing and trimmings, and you will get your greens in and feel good about it at meal's end. If you lack the personal willpower to get your greens first, a trip to an in-town Sweet Tomatoes will lock you into its veggie-friendly line.

Get a green smoothie.

Though it doesn't get you out of your nighttime serving of spinach, grabbing a smoothie with spirulina in it can bump you toward your daily goal for nutrients that are verdant and fruity.


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