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Las Vegas day versus night life from a tourist perspective

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During the day, Las Vegas' famous "Strip" buzzes with sweaty tourists and bumper-to-bumper traffic. Heat waves radiate off sidewalks and super hero dressed panhandlers trying to make a buck. Sounds echo throughout the casinos with the buzz and whir of slots and food vendors. Resort representatives target their next prey to offer a tour with the lure of inexpensive show tickets. Everyone seems to want a piece of the action.

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Fast forward a few hours to nightfall. The energy that pervades Las Vegas remains, however, the families with children have retired for the night. A different crowd emerges, some flashy and others content to linger in the shadows. The lights set the mood. Casino owners hope the gold, white, and pale blue hues cast subtle clues to potential gamblers, enticing them to come inside.

At night, particular casinos use these lights to feature certain aspects of their architecture and to proclaim their presence. Other casinos use popular shows or a particular theme as a draw for repeat guests. These localities display screens similar to Times Square in Manhattan, blasting upcoming concerts or comedians to passers-by. Many people seem accustomed to these ads, however, and do not give them a second glance.

The night experience in Vegas definitely takes on a life of its own. If visiting Las Vegas for the first time, it is essential to explore the night and day life of the Strip to gain a full appreciation of the drastic differences.