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Las Vegas Company Provides Private Tours Of National Parks

Arches National Park
Arches National Park
Bindlestiff Private Tours

In a recent article from Lisa Miller on Huffington Post Travel, she provided a list of seven of the best National Parks that you did not know existed. The article takes an interesting look at the alternative options that tourists have with regards to National Parks, and provides information on "lesser known" National Parks like Capitol Reef National Park in Utah. Bindlestiff Private Tours is an offshoot of the popular Las Vegas based touring company Bindlestiff Tours, a specialist in the field of adventure travel and National Park exploration. While Bindlestiff Tours provides specific touring packages designed to lead small groups on adventure excursions to our nearby National Parks like Bryce, Zion, Death Valley and Grand Canyon, the private touring division goes further by not only providing guided tours that are exclusive to only you and your group, but also opens the touring possibilities up by offering tours to nearly any destination that you would like to experience.

"A private tour is a completely personal experience," stated Rachel Frampton, the senior tour leader and owner of Bindlestiff Tours. "On a private tour our job is to provide you with not only a completely unique experience, but also one that can be designed to be whatever you want it to be. If you want to tour Alaska, we will arrange for it to happen." Private tours of National Parks can take many different shapes, and could be as simple as not having any people you don't know on the standard tour, right up to a completely immersive touring experience where a guide escorts you personally through any grouping of National Parks that you have always dreamed of seeing.

Naturally a private tour has added expenses that a group tour would not have, however this does not necessarily mean that private tours of National Parks from Las Vegas are only able to be afforded by the rich and famous, even though Joan Rivers is a client of Bindlestiff Private Tours! Bindlestiff Tours has worked hard to provide suggestions of private tours on their website, which are essentially privatized versions of their group tours, only with a more intimate aspect. Any of these tours can be arranged on a budget that is surprisingly affordable, but for the more adventurous types there is always the option of looking over lists of "lesser known" National Parks like the ones cited in the Huffington Post article, and arranging a private tour of the most appealing ones through Bindlestiff Private Tours.

Bindlestiff Private Tours can be reached for arrangements through their website or by calling 1-800-557-6989.