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Las Vegas club review: Haze Nightclub at Aria

Not what Haze looked like when I was there
Not what Haze looked like when I was there


  • Yellow Deer 6 years ago

    Glad to have you back Maggie Bennett.

    The Haze sounds like a big bust! I'll take your word for it and NOT go out of my way to check it out! By the way, were the guys anything special or just a bunch of knuckle dragging-mouth breathers? That also tells a lot about a place.

  • Vegas Bound in March! 6 years ago

    I guess we won't be going to Haze when I am out in Vegas with you in March. Can't wait to read more of your reviews so you know exactly where we should go!

  • Dunja 6 years ago

    Hilarious and very honest description, but to be fair we may have to give it one more chance.

  • climate_keeper 6 years ago

    Just went to Haze this June. Was a GREAT experience! DJs were sick, hot girls everywhere, Kevin Rudolph performed and it was awesome. It must have gotten better since it opened because it was a great night. Definitely goin back next Vegas trip.

  • kat 5 years ago

    Honestly this is one of the worst clubs i have EVER been to, i went the other night with 7 of my girlfriends., we showed up around 130am.. and were all locals, and we all work in the industry. they tried to charge us $20 a girl. i know what that means, they were going to pocket it. anyways after raising hell we all walked in, it was so ghetto, the DJ was playing music from 2 years ago, you cant stand in one place more then 5 seconds without security on your ass telling you to move, and the club promoters are total tools. walking up to tables and getting wasted off of other peoples drinks, to say the least it was a shit place. never again. go to the pamls or other hotels.

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