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Las Vegas Business Profile: Pet Health Hospital

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Early this year, Dr. Mark Beerenstrauch opened the doors of a new concept in veterinary science, under the name Pet Health Hospital. The clinic opened in order to fully execute a philosophy that Beerenstrauch had developed over the past ten years of his practice of veterinary medicine, involving the concept of lifetime care and wellness programs for animals. Human wellness programs involve prevention of illness and disease through regular maintenance procedures like vaccinations, checkups, screenings and health direction. The majority of the population understands the benefits that wellness programs have on disease and health complications, and Dr. Beerenstrauch saw no difference between the health aspects of animals and those of humans. He handcrafted two programs, the canine health and feline health programs, and has made them available exclusively through Pet Health Hospital. Each of these programs involves specific maintenance procedures which are specific to species and breed, and are used as a guideline in order to keep your pet healthy over the course of its entire life. "The point is to prevent the illnesses in pets that necessitate the large scale and high dollar treatments," Dr. Beerenstrauch stated. "Our goal is simple, keep the animal healthy and it will cost the owner far less to treat over time."

Dr. Beerenstrauch has plans to open several other Pet Health Hospital locations throughout the state in the future, and is also considering a certification program that will train other veterinary clinics on the program. Currently the canine health and feline health programs are only available at the Las Vegas veterinarian location headed by Beerenstrauch himself. Information about Pet Health Hospital and their unique programs can be found on their website.