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Las Vegas business profile: Lord Neil Gibson

Lord Neil Gibson is a Las Vegas-based businessman who is involved in the strategic development of many diverse projects, reaching many underdeveloped parts of the world as well as the most thriving communities. Gibson runs LNBG LLC, a multinational business incubator with a portfolio of projects ranging from Belizean construction of transportation systems to initial-stage retail concepts in Europe where partners are actively developing "Caffe Momenti," a luxury coffee concept that marries coffee and gourmet deli meats. The diversification is due to Gibson's personal interests, and the desire to bring improvement to the underdeveloped nations of the world through private industry. Although Caffe Momenti has few ties to developing nations, Gibson has even found a way to interject an element of philanthropy into the concept by supporting Kona Coffee with a partnership. This strategic pairing provides Caffe Momenti with individualized and exclusive blends of coffee for it's prospective shops and at the same time provides work and economic stability for Kona Coffee farmers in lesser developed nations.

Lord Gibson himself is no stranger to controversy, as earlier this year his connections to Belizean governmental officials combined with his business interests in Belize that were discussed on several of his websites caused a media uproar within the country. Although there was no wrongdoing and Gibson only supported a candidate that was a fiend and business partner in his election efforts, the Belizean media ran with conspiracy theories that Gibson was trying to buy governmental favors. All the while, projects in Belize were only in the planning stage anyway, proving that Gibson himself gained no benefit whatsoever from the election. In addition to his Belizean controversy, Lord Gibson is waging a year-long battle with Google to remove websites from its servers which portray untruths about his business dealings. Past rivals created and maintain several slander-websites that are designed specifically to provide falsified information about Lord Gibson, and to divert attention away from verified news that is promoted on his official websites. Using recent court cases against Google requiring them to remove false listings like these, Gibson is involved in an ongoing battle to keep the information about him online within his control. Although he is not attempting to censor news about himself, his belief that what is portrayed in searches should be truthful puts him in the crosshairs and open to discussion as to what his motivations are. Gibson stated his motivations in a recent interview "I only want truth to be out there, so that people can make an accurate decision as to my businesses, my personal life and my motivations. Why should Google be a tool to spread lies about anyone, it is unfair to me and unfair to others."

Lord Neil Gibson maintains his position that hindering business that can benefit downtrodden people through baseless attacks, rumor and slander does a disservice to the world. His fight continues to change that state.

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