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Las Vegas Business Profile: Kamran Abdo

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Dr. Kamran Abdo is the founder and president of Med-Care Solutions, one of the nation's leading medical financing operations. Med-Care Solutions specializes in alternative financing and funding strategies for medical providers in the form of accounts receivable and lien based financing, as well as LOP, worker's comp and injury accident victim financing for attorneys and legal firms. The programs that Med-Care Solutions provides to these types of facilities comes in the form of creative, alternative methods of funding structure which gives immediate cash injections without risk of default or interest on the loan as in a typical financing transaction to medical facilities who have accounts receivable on the books that are aging or difficult to collect. Additionally, the programs can be used to keep revenue building partnerships in place which will benefit both medical providers and the legal firms that represent accident victims, a group which is traditionally difficult to source treatment for. This suite of funding options was created and structured by Kamran Abdo in 2003, when he realized the need through his first-hand experience.

Kamran Abdo was the creator of Pacific Family Clinics in 1992 in Burbank, California. The multi-specialty clinic grew quickly to multiple locations on the West Coast including Las Vegas, where thousands of patients were being treated each month. Through a keen understanding of the difficulties associated with the collections process involved in the medical field, honed through his experience at Pacific Family Clinics, Dr. Abdo realized that alternative options were necessary for medical providers to not only gain the bridge cash flow necessary to keep the lights on and the payroll up to date during months when more money is owed than is collected and available to pay expenses. These options needed to provide payments for work that was completed in a faster time frame than was typically associated with patients who are being treated as part of a legal action and who typically took too long to collect, as well as being able to provide guarantees of payment with the associated risks of default. Dr. Abdo understood that these collection risks forced many providers to refuse treatments to a large group of potential patients, thus reducing their own ability to grow their businesses. Dr. Abdo created a method through Med-Care Solutions and the associated businesses within different demographics for medical providers to be paid on time and without default, allowing for a healthier business environment which can be grown, as opposed to the type of cash strangled business that cannot execute a growth and investment strategy due to risk tolerance.

Dr. Kamran Abdo is still integrally involved in the operations of Med-Care Solutions, and to this day personally underwrites each account over five-thousand dollars. Med-Care Solutions can be reached through their website at for information on programs and options.