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Las Vegas Bus Sales

Buses are not easy to come by. Especially making sure that the bus you purchase is in good condition. Buying a bus can be a large investment, and by no means is it cheap. You can always buy something cheap online, but who knows what that bus has been through and how long it is going to last. The repairs and maintenance can cost you more money than just buying a ready to go bus in the long run. Here at North West bus sales, we offer a large selection of all sorts of different buses, to help you with any occasion or event. We have coach buses, shuttle buses, transit buses, and school buses. New or used, we have anything you could be looking for, all in great condition, and all at reasonable prices. A school bus can be used for a variety of different reasons than just school. Whether you need it for your church, organization, business, maybe you are in the charter business and need a new or used bus, or maybe your retirement home needs a new set of wheels. Whatever the reason may be, we offer affordable prices and great well-kept models of buses for you to choose. The options are many, it just depends what you are looking for. If anything happens to your bus, we have full service mechanics available to repair your bus, so we are able to help you, before, during, and after your purchase. With 27 years of experience, you can’t go wrong buying school bus from us. No matter where you are here in the U.S. We can get your bus to you with ease. We have done all of the different methods, whether you want it driven over, or shipped to you on a truck or barge. If you’re interested and cannot make it to our lot too see the buses in person, no worried, contact us, and we can email your more pictures and any information specified. We want you and all of our guests and customers to be happy. So we promise that you wont find any better deals around, and the buses are in excellent shape whether new or used. Come on down and buy yourself a new or used school bus today, or contact us for some more information

Your initial thought about buying a school bus might be: "What!" However a closer examination might change that thought if it's the right person or company. So the question before the house of common sense might be why? Well one plus is the fact that most used school buses can produce, for a prospective buyer, a complete service record and history of the bus. This knowledge alone is worth the purchase. If you're already aware of the good, the bad, and the ugly about a school bus purchase prior to closing the deal, you're in better shape than most buyers.

Many school buses are sold to possible buyers via the local school districts at public auctions. This offers buyers the opportunity to visually inspect each bus prior to the beginning of the auction. And what you should be looking for here is leakage from the engine and rust spot areas. In the end the price you pay for a used school bus will depend on the condition, the age, and how many miles show on the odometer.

If you are a realistic school bus buyer and budget-minded, you should be looking for a school bus that's about 10 to 15 percent off the cost of a new bus model. Of course your choice of years and models should include a purchase showing proof of an updated and continuing maintenance history as well as no visible mechanical issues. And speaking of mechanical issues, it might be wise to hire a licensed mechanic to check possible issues you know nothing about.

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