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Las Vegas boy 11 years old shot in the head

11 year old boy found shot in the head
11 year old boy found shot in the head
Photo by Mario Tama/Getty Images

An 11 year old boy was found with a gunshot to the head a little after 5 a.m. Monday morning. The police were called to an apartment at Vegas Drive and Pebble Beach Boulevard and found the boy in the apartment with a shot to the head. The boy was immediately rushed to University Medical Center in critical condition.

The police found a firearm at the scene and are investigating if the shooting was accidental or if it was intentional. No arrests have been made yet. The police are trying to figure out who owns the gun.

The apartment complex the child was found in has been said to be a dangerous place with prior stabbings and shootings in the area in the past. When the neighbor heard the gunshot he said he thought it was a firecracker. He also said that there are two families that live in the apartment where the boy was found, with other children living there as well. There were no other injuries reported at the scene.

The police are in contact with the child’s mother on the situation but the whereabouts of the father are unknown.

A man that lives in the area and wanted to remain anonymous said, “It seems like every night I hear gun shots and it’s really disturbing that an 11 year old boy was shot. That disturbs me.”