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Las Vegas Boxer Kirk Bills Wanted For Arson And Animal Cruelty

Kirk R. Bills (Super Judah Promotions)
Kirk R. Bills (Super Judah Promotions)
Super Judah Promotions

The recent criminal actions of Gloria Lee Thompson and her accomplice Kirk Bills, who together entered Thompson's business "Prince And Princess Pet Boutique" last week and preceded to set the building on fire while 27 puppies were locked in cages in the facility, has drawn large-scale outrage online, translating to physical protesters standing at the courthouse where Thompson appeared this morning only to be led away to jail in handcuffs. Rarely does online chatter in social media spaces actually translate to physical action, and a common criticism of internet protesters is that it is very easy to type an opinion then wait for reactions, while much more difficult to physically make your presence known at a location. The animal community of Las Vegas made that translation happen during the last few court appearances that Thompson made, in an attempt to garnish stiff animal cruelty charges against her.

As the drama for Thompson plays out, her accomplice Kirk R. Bills (a Las Vegas boxer promoted by Zab Judah and Super Judah Promotions, who have recently removed Bills' profile from their website) is on the run, and a judge has issued a warrant for his arrest in connection with the arson and animal cruelty charges. He is currently believed to be in hiding somewhere in Las Vegas, Henderson or potentially Chicago, where Bills originally hailed from. Kirk Bills moved to Las Vegas to be trained by Zab Judah's team at Super Judah Promotions, and recently made his pro debut in California on an undercard for Golden Boy Promotions. Within two weeks of his unanimous loss in his first fight, he was recorded on video pouring gasoline throughout Thompson's facility and lighting the place on fire while Thompson gathered paperwork at the front desk. More about Kirk Bills can be found here, along with additional information regarding the ties Judah has through marriage to Gloria Lee Thompson herself.

Kirk R. Bills is currently wanted by Las Vegas police. If you have any information about his whereabouts, contact LVMPD immediately.