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Las Vegas Art Scene : Smoked Mutton N Gravy: 3 BAAAD SHEEP, SHANNON DORN, N DRAY

Have you ever wondered where the great graffiti artists go? They go to canvas. This was the opening event for new works of art by 3 BAAAD SHEEP and Dray Wilmore located at 107 E. Charleston Blvd Suite 230 in Las Vegas, NV on Mar 6th, 2014. This is PeaceNart Studio, the gallery of combined efforts inside the world famous Arts Factory. 3 BAAAD SHEEP is comprised of artists Alexander "Sky" Carranza, Eddie Canumay, and Alexander P. Heurta. As I made my way into Peacenart Studio, I was immersed with many new mixed media paintings. There was so much art in fact, that their works bled out into the hallway outside of their studio.

Art by the droves...and Gravy.
Alex Huerta
Dray Wilmore stands with Alex Huerta
Dray Wilmore and Alex Huerta

I was greeted by Dray as I made my way up the stairs to the entrance of PeaceNart. Dray gave me the story on what has transpired in the past few years. He has taken on the challenge of collaborating with not just one but three other artists to create one creative piece. He explained that they feed off each others' energy. He said, "the ego is completely out the window because you free yourself up to just allow the painting to be. You can't get too happy with one piece in there because you might turn your back and the piece lived it's moment but then another expression is expressed." One of the things he learned from all this is that by working with other artists he is able to try things he has never tried before. He says that by looking how another artist works and them looking at how he works he sees new approaches. By trying new techniques, then it just elevates the art. The energy and senergy is just that much more explosive and that is what this show is all about.

Dray introduced me to fellow artist Alexander "Sky" Carranza, one of 3 BAAAD SHEEP. Wearing a red scarf and black head bandana with piercings in his nose came across looking a bit BAAAD. But he was much like Dray, another creative soul on this creative journey artists call life. He informed me that he had brushes with the police for his graffiti work. And now he is beyond all of that and has moved on to canvases and other mixed media. He was able to "bend it" to express himself now in a way which is acceptable by society. Alex says he is grateful just to be there. He explained that the works are organic. He sees himself as nobody but just a little piece. He has been in Las Vegas now for 5 years originally from Los Angeles. He has done art work since he was 4...something he was born with. He explained about one of the pieces of work being straight from the Mona Lisa Apartments. The Mona Lisa Apartments is one place where artists can feel free to express themselves and create art while living in a space with like minded souls. This one piece he was explaining is a mail box redesigned to be functional art. When opening one of the doors to the piece of art work, it reads "WISDOM TELLS ME HOW I SHOULD BE. CURIOUSITY TAKES ME TO A PLACE TO USE THAT WISDOM...OOMPH!" "Open That Door" is for sale for $3200.00. Come to their PeaceNart Studio to check it out. He explained about other art work formed from old magazine picture samples and mashed up into a collage with house paint, epoxy, spray paint, and other mediums. No rules.

I was then introduced to Alex Heurta who is the owner of PeaceNart Studio who started it about 5 years ago. He pointed to a painting called "Lawless Lady" collaborated with photographer Shannon Dorn. He explained the art as being a freedom, provoking people, asking people, and the most freedom in art he has ever known. He wants you to come to PeaceNart Studio to check it out. He went into great detail about the effect that meeting Dray had on his life and his art. He works hard with Dray to gel to come up with a formula to collaborate with all these artists. The formula is working no doubt. He explained about the second piece he collaborated with his mentor, Dray. You could really feel the appreciation for Dray as he spoke. He explained he was an anonymous artist about 13 years ago. Greatest advice they will never know what you can do until you show them what you can do. Dray told him to get in the scene and show his art everywhere. And so Alex has done just that, being well known in the art scene now.

Last, I spoke with Eddie Canumay who explained about one of the pieces outside the gallery known as "Washington Street" which was an abstraction of Las Vegas's Washington Street. He was dying to tell me how 3 BAAAD SHEEP formed. He said that 3 BAAAD SHEEP met in 2010. Eddie met Alex through his girlfriend. By collaborating, this was a means of letting go of the attachment he had with his own art. He needed to be more free and let go of the self criticism. He said this is my baby and I am giving that away. The first pieces were like magic. So, they had a show and had no name. So, Sheena from Black Bird came up and liked it so much that she wanted 18 pieces in 3 months. One of the pieces was called BAAAD SHEEP. So when they were asked by the Las Vegas Weekly about who they were, Alex said "3 BAAAD SHEEP." They wrote an article and 3 BAAAD SHEEP was official.

Come check out the artwork and may it inspire you as much as it has me. I will not post photos of the art work in this article. This is something best to see in person at PeaceNart.

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