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Las Vegas' 1st Trail Trials Competition update

LVAHA 1st Trail Trial Competition, May 2
LVAHA 1st Trail Trial Competition, May 2
Courtesy of Stephanie Tetreault

The Las Vegas Arabian Horse Association(LVAHA)would like to invite riders from all disciplines with horses of any breed to join in the fun at their 1st Trail Trials Competition. The event will be held at Floyd Lamb Park at Tule Springs in Group Area 5 and surrounding open land areas on Sunday, May 2. Check-in starting at 7:30 a.m. and competition starting at 9 a.m. (riders at 15 minute intervals). It will take riders between 1-2 hours to complete the approximately 2 ½ miles course.

A Trail Trials competition consists of several different ‘natural’ obstacles for the horse and rider to negotiate in a safe and relaxed manner out on the trail. Judges, sometimes ‘hidden,’ score the horse and the rider as they complete the pre-set course. Scoring is based on the ability to complete the 'obstacle' safely, within the time allowed, and for calmness. Safety is emphasized at all points. Riders may ride solo or in small groups.

The event will be very affordable with entry fees of $40 for adults (18 & over), $25 for children (17 & under), and $20 to "audit" the ride. A percentage of the proceeds will go to Shiloh Horse Rescue You many also donate used tack and equestrian supplies/equipment for Shiloh. All donations will receive a tax deduction receipt.

The LVAHA organization is really looking forward to this event. Spectators are welcome as are riders that wish to participate in the trial but not compete for prizes. Food, games and music are planned so that everyone can have fun at the event. There will also be a Poker Run held that day. This is a great alternative equestrian event sure to provide a little healthy completion mixed with lots of fun for Las Vegas riders young and old.

Mark your calendar for a fun filled Sunday, May 2. Floyd Lamb Park is located in northwest Las Vegas, near U.S. 95 and Durango. You may visit the LVAHA website events page for updated info on the event, pre-entry forms, rules, and location ( Also, for more information, contact: Tammy Limb at (702-561-1677) or Stephanie Tetreault at (702-875-3578).


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