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Las Brasas: Taste of Peru in Decatur

There’s nothing like a rotisserie chicken to ease your takeout anxiety. Some nights, you know you’re too beat to cook, but you don’t want the usual guilty pleasure of pizza-and-beer or greasy lo mein noodles out of a cardboard box. So where to go, if you desire a homely bird but are terrified of chain restaurants and grocery stores alike?

Las Brasas in Decatur is home to the best rotisserie chicken in the city, made all the more interesting by its Peruvian style. This mom-and-pop establishment dishes out of a drive-too-fast-and-you’ll-miss-it place, but don’t let its unassuming appearance fool you. Las Brasas’ roast chicken is comforting in its simple yet original execution. Each whole bird is roasted over a charcoal fire, which imparts a lovely smokiness to meat, made even tastier by its spiced skin. Whether you crave dark or white meat pieces or the entire clucker, the chicken is best had with the house green sauce salsa de huacatay, which is a silky yet hot concoction of huacatay (a Peruvian herb much like mint), chili peppers, and cream.

Side dishes include red beans and rice or the sliced potatoes covered in huancaina sauce, made with cheese and peppers. However, Peruvian style meets Southern comfort best with Las Brasas’ sweet potato fries. These orange strips of heaven are both sweet and savoury at the same time. Dip one of these babies in the salsa de huacatay and you may never want regular fries again.

Is there any better comfort food than that which you can have in the comfort of your own home?

Las Brasas
310 E Howard Ave
Decatur, GA 30030


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