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Lars Graf - A martial artist making a difference


Lars Graf is a martial artist who is reaching out beyond the mat and building bridges with his knowledge and experience.

He began his Aikido training under Shiohira Sensei in 1988 in Mt. View, CA. He has also taken Shotokan Karate, Wing Chun Kung Fu and other styles of martial arts. He said that his study of Transmission Meditation and Vipassana Meditation for over twenty years has helped him develop “an inner mental focus and awareness.”

Lars now teaches Aikdio at the Cohousing Community where he lives and also at Pecoraro’s Martial Arts Academy in Rohnert Park, CA where he has used a Konsei approach to his classes.  The classes at Pecoraro's Martial Arts Academy are particularly interesting because the students in his class are also multi-belted and train in other martial arts. Lars’ Aikido classes offer the students a different approach that enriches their experiences of being a martial artist.  [John Pecoraro was featured in an earlier column: John Pecoraro - A Martial Artist Making a Differnce.]

Lars has also used his skills as a serial software entrepreneur to develop a unique project that began with his mother in Germany. The question he thought about was how to make it easier for those still challenged by the computer age to stay connected with their families and friends. He wrote, “…many seniors live very isolated and often tragically lonely lives remote from their children and grandchildren, especially when they are forced to move into nursing homes and assisted living facilities.”

So Lars created “ElderLinq.” Using a screen to “display big buttons with photos…elders can use touch to start video conversations with friends.” Lars’ elderly mother, after much hesitation, agreed to try ElderLinq. She’s firm believer now. And Lars can show his mother items on her screen sent from his own computer.

It’s amazing that Lars found time to do this because he has also completed the Waldorf Teacher Training Program, is a member of a Cohousing Community, a former Board Member of the Life School and on the Board of Mentors of the Sonoma Mountain Business Cluster. For more information about Lars and his teaching and ElderLinq, you can contact him at this email address:  ElderLinq also has a site on Facebook which shows it in much greater detail.

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