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Larry Swearinger-Melissa Trotter: Pantyhose murder case airs on 'Facing Evil'

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The Cypress Creek Mirror is reporting today that the case of Texas death row inmate, Larry Ray Swearingen, will air on Investigation Discovery's "Facing Evil with Candice Delong" tonight.

Larry Swearingen, is on death row in a Texas correctional facility for the rape and murder of college coed Melissa Trotter. Trotter disappeared in December1998 but was found several weeks later. Larry Ray Swearingen was convicted and sentenced to death for capital murder.

2014: Details in the Melissa Trotter-Larry Ray Swearingen case

Melissa Trotter, 19, vanished from a college campus after she was last seen leaving a study group in the school's library. Larry Ray Swearingen was the last person seen with the victim. The Texas Monthly states that Larry Swearingen asked Melissa out on a date but, Melissa didn't show up. The next day they were both on campus. Prosecutors believe the ex-con came into contact with Melissa at the college and later abducted her.

The local community searched for the missing college student and offered rewards for information about her disappearance, according to the Houston Chronicle.

The murder scene
Police were dispatched to a remote area in the Sam Houston National Forrest, where the body of Melissa Trotter was found. According to the coroner's report, Melissa AlineTrotter was raped and strangled with a pair of nylon pantyhose. The other part of the pantyhose were found in Swearingen's home.

Today's Update on Larry Ray Swearingen

Larry Ray Swearingen has always maintained that he is innocent and that his arrest was a case of mistaken identity. His lawyers have been successful in having his execution postponed until further DNA testing could be conducted. The Innocence Project is assisting with the case.

"Facing Evil" airs tonight at 7 p.m.



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