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Larry Pratt: Vivek Murthy is A Nazi-like "tool of the State"

Larry Pratt
Larry Pratt

During a March 11th, 2014 interview with WorldNetDaily, Gun Owners of America head Larry Pratt lashed out at Vivek Murthy, President Obama's nominee for surgeon general, for his and Doctor's of America's opposition to Florida's NRA-backed gag rule preventing physicians from asking patients about gun ownership in order to talk with them about firearm safety.

Pratt, an avid conspiracy theory peddler, insisted that doctors who talk to their patients about gun safety are actually reporting the information to the government the same way "German and Soviet doctors would send to the regime information about the people that were in their care."

"His urging that particular policy shows that he does not understand medical ethics. That is such a question so far outside of anything to do with medicine," Pratt declared, "that it shows that he’s a willing tool of the state, even as German doctors and Soviet doctors would send to the regime information about the people that were in their care. This is an extremely alarming attitude. This guy clearly looks at himself as a government functionary before he considers anything about medicine."

What Pratt would very much like people to forget is that a gun can easily put someone in the hospital, ergo they actually do have something to do with medicine.

Pratt instead diverted the discussion to one of his favorite conspiracy theories: The National gun database of gun owners (which the NRA has already created), where it could easily be acquired.

"Once you put information on a computer, then it's anybody’s game. I mean, grandchildren are particularly adept at computers. I would say a 14-year-old would be able to obtain that data no matter what."

The reality is that there is no national database to be hacked into, nor are there any plans to create one. Pratt just continues to insist otherwise because it's so good for business, which continues to be the only thing in the world he cares about.

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