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Larry Pratt: CT gun "revolt" channeling Martin Luther King & Rosa Parks

Larry Pratt
Larry Pratt

During a March 13th, 2014 interview with WorldNetDaily's Radio America, Gun Owners of America head Larry Pratt said that "the revolt is underway" against Connecticut's bipartisan gun safety laws.

Pratt also added that GOA is encouraging gun owners and police officers to refuse to comply with or enforce the law, and is supporting primary challengers to "RINOs" in the Connecticut state legislature who backed the new laws.

Given that Pratt last came to this columns attention for expressing his approval at politicians being terrified of being shot, it should have been considered cause for concern when Pratt stated that his followers were "prepared to go to jail" over the safety regulations.

"If you get so many tens of thousands of people saying that [they won't comply], it becomes rather difficult to imagine how that can happen, especially if there aren’t any police around to arrest them in the beginning," said Pratt.

Pratt, who has links to white supremacists, even attempted to name-drop Martin Luther King and Rosa Parks in reference to his pro-gun push for dissent.

"I think it's an American’s right to exercise his conscience, he has to be prepared to take the consequences," said Pratt. "Just like Martin Luther King, he exercised his conscience, and Mrs. Parks sat down right in the front of the bus, now she was taken off the bus and escorted away and I think she was put in jail for a bit, so she was prepared to take the consequences. But she had decided 'no more,' and the people of Connecticut I think are in the same frame of mind."

Given that King was an avowed pacifist, and that he had been murdered by an escaped convict who was somehow still able to legally buy a gun, it's difficult to believe that he would have approved of Pratt's absolutist business model.

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