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Larry Langston, robber, smartphone dunderhead: Chicago man's selfie blows him in

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Larry Langston, a purse-snatching robber out of Chicago, is making the list of lawbreaking lame-brains this week after the thief dropped his cell phone at the robbery scene, breaking rule number one when it comes to burglaries – protect your “selfie” by leaving your ID at home.

It doesn’t get much easier for Chicago PD to solve a crime when the assailant leaves behind his smartphone, complete with contact info and even some selfies, one of which was the phone's screensaver!

Police then showed the photo to the teen victim. Sort of like a mobile phone line up of suspects. Quickly identified, police tracked Langston and placed him under arrest, taking their own (mug shot) photo of our half-wit offender.

Reports the Chicago Tribune, which also carried the booking photo: “Larry Langston, 24, of the 3500 block of West Douglas Boulevard, was arrested at home Wednesday. According to police, the robber began following a 17-year-old girl after seeing her get money from a West Side currency exchange Aug. 1, police say. Langston snatched the woman's purse in the 2300 block of West Jackson Boulevard and started to run, police say.”

Langston is being held on $125,000 bail in Cook County Jail.

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