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Larry Klayman won't end his campaign to remove "the imposter in the White House"

Larry Klayman
Larry Klayman

In a March 23, 2014 column for WorldNetDaily, Larry Klayman, best known for his hilariously unsuccessful attempt to lead a military coup against the Obama administration, praised "a few good judges" who have endorsed his continued push to overturn America's democracy and vowed to continue his fight to "remove this anti-American, pro-Muslim and anti-Judeo Christian president."

Chief among Klayman's new birther allies is Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore, who is best known over his fight to put a Ten Commandments monument in the courthouse rotunda.

Moore recently sided with birther conspiracy theorists who, according to The Huntsville Times, "wanted Alabama's Secretary of State to certify the birth certificate of each presidential candidate before allowing their names to appear on the general election ballot."

As usual, Klayman's entire column amounts to nothing more than, while jam packed with conspiracy theories, false accusations and Hitler comparisons, still amounts to nothing more than a massive temper tantrum over the fact that Americans still have the right to vote for non-Republicans in America.

To challenge a black president’s qualifications is to be branded a racist. Obama and his minions know this well and have milked his race at every turn to guilt white America, including its judges, into acquiescing to his continued destructive leadership bent on turning the country into not only a socialist pro-Muslim state, but one which is second rate in the world. And, to this end, Obama has succeeded. Today, our economy remains in shambles and Putin’s Russia is now the real superpower, having just seized a chunk of Ukraine – with more Hitleresque conquests on the horizon. As America’s power shrinks under Obama, Putin is bent on reconstituting the former communist empire of the Soviet Union. Thus, the stakes to remove this anti-American, pro-Muslim and anti-Judeo Christian president continue to rise.

Last Friday, one of the few great judges in this land, Chief Justice Roy Moore of the Alabama Supreme Court – the jurist who was first impeached for displaying the Ten Commandments in his courtroom and then overwhelmingly elected by the people of the state to be their chief justice – had the courage to write a compelling dissenting opinion validating our challenge to Obama’s eligibility to be president. While seven of his nine fellow justices took the easy way out perhaps to show that Alabama is no longer the state once governed by George Wallace and rejected my ballot challenge, Chief Justice Moore without political correctness and without the disingenuous and cowardly sensitivity to Obama’s race, told it like it is. He ruled that Alabama did have a legal duty to verify that candidates for the presidency are eligible to serve as natural born citizens if elected

We cannot quit. The imposter in the White House must be held accountable, and he should indeed be told to get up off his knees and come out with his hands up.

Wishful thinking from someone who is all but a sworn enemy of democracy as a whole.

When you don't know how to respond to losing an election except to kick and scream that it's time for a military coup, you have no place in the exchange of ideas anymore.

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