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Larry King turns up on 'Hannity' for Taylor tribute

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Cable news viewers saw a very familiar face in an extremely unusual place Wednesday night – former CNN stalwart Larry King being interviewed by Fox News Channel’s Sean Hannity, who used to be his competitor in the 9 p.m. ET hour.

King, who left his CNN show last year but remains a contributor to his former network, appeared live on Hannity’s show to discuss the death of Elizabeth Taylor, King’s close friend who was a frequent guest in front of his legendary microphone. Not to be outdone, however, CNN also featured King in a taped segment on the same subject on “Piers Morgan Tonight,” which runs in King’s old time slot.

During his conversation with King, an uncharacterically gushing Hannity slathered praise all over his guest, saying what an “honor” it was to have King on his show and what a “profound impact” he had on the cable news genre.

For his part, King admitted he does miss being “in the hunt” when big news stories break, such as the Japan earthquake and the Arab uprisings.