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'Larry Johnson Says Gay Men Don't Belong In Locker Room'


As the NBA and the rest of the world rallies around Jason Collins and his decision to come out, one former pro ball player voiced some controversial opinions regarding homos-xuality. Larry Johnson, who famously crossed-dressed as the “Grandmama” character for Converse and who Foxy Brown put on blast as Jay Z's ‘f*ck buddy’ took to Twitter and said that the NBA locker room is no place for a gay man.

Foxy, alleges that Jay Z chases tranny’s, and that there was one constant man in Hova’s life. According to Foxy, Jay Z and Larry Johnson were ‘f*ck buddies.’ This doesn’t seem so far fetched given the fact that Jay once shared an apartment with the NBA baller who once repped Rocawear.

Johnson was a hoops star, not a writer, and his tweets on (April 29) showed that glaring fact. The one-time Charlotte Hornets standout tried to show grace towards Collins but ended up burying himself with each ensuing tweet.

“I don't Jason Collins personally but he seems like a great guy. Me personally gay men in the locker room would make me uncomfortable,” began the barrage of poorly constructed tweets from Johnson.

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