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Larry Elmore: Fulfill your fantasies and dreams for you and others here!

Larry Elmore

Greetings to my British, European, American and world friends alike. Greetings to the world of pop culture that I love, the world of music, writing and art that I adore. Greetings to fantasies and dreams because you reside in the cornerstone of my life and are as vital to me as the air that I breathe. And what about you, my friends? Do you love roads that lead to ancient castles, mossy green hillsides that lead to fiery dragons, oak trees that lead to sorcerers, runes and palter stones with sorceresses dancing in air? Then look no further.

Larry Elmore, world famous fantasy artist, who grew up in Kentucky and who created original art for Dungeons & Dragons, Dragonlance and the comic strip series, SnarfQuest, is offering a high-quality, 304+ page full-color hardback containing most of his paintings and hand-drawn art from the last 40 years. Larry, who travels all over the world to fantasy conventions and on private artists’ tours, has also created illustrations for video games, comics, magazines and fantasy books. (On a side note, one day when I was sitting in a café in Burgundy, France, I was looking through one of Larry’s art books and a Frenchman approached me who I did not know and said, “Larry Elmore, oui?” I said, “Yes, this is a book about Larry Elmore. Do you know him?” He said, “He is my favorite artiste.” This man was 28 years old and from Paris. He went on to explain how he and all of his friends were big Larry Elmore fans!)

If you don't know it by now, Larry's art work is stunning. He is a master fantasy artist and someone students will study and read about in schools in the future.

But I digress. The point is, Larry’s new art book is being featured on, the innovative funding platform for creative projects. Showcasing everything from films, games, and music to art, design, and technology, Kickstarter gives people the opportunity to create and produce something they love without the constraints of corporations or banks. It's a way to give the "power to the people." Anyone – fans, people you’ve never met before, friends, family – anyone – can donate whatever they want to fund the project and in return, they will receive the product and often, added-on bonuses, depending on how much you donate to the “cause.” You are only charged if the project reaches its goal and Larry's has reached and surpassed the goal, but he has "added on" goals! (Larry has numerous funders!)

So, when you start scrambling this week to find “just the right gift” for your child, friend, spouse, or even for yourself, consider backing Larry’s campaign on Kickstarter and giving yourself something very unique and special. He currently has backers from all over the world and will ship the book to Europeans or anywhere else in the world as needed.

On his Kickstarter page, Larry said: “I want to make available, through this project, the largest, most comprehensive collection of the very best of my art spanning my full 40 year career. Many of the images I will include in this tome are being re-mastered using the latest digital technology from original film, for unprecedented quality, and several pieces have never before been published or rarely seen.

"Interspersed among the images, I will also offer you glimpses into my studio and creative process, including sketches and preliminaries, as well as share with you my autobiography, my artistic journey, and my stories. I will start from my earliest childhood drawings, and together we will journey through my challenges breaking into the industry and frustrations with commercial art, through my years working in games and on novel covers and ultimately, to my latest personal works.

"This hardback book will be 9" x 12" and encompass 300+ pages. Depending on your pledge amount, you can own this book as a standard coffee-table hardback edition, or a deluxe leather-bound cover edition, as well as other bonuses, such as special prints, original hand-drawn sketches, or even the original painting used for the cover itself! Most importantly, you are helping me realize my dream of bringing this volume to you, my fans. Thank you in advance for your pledge!”

I love the idea of empowering people all over the world to do what they love and I support peoples’ dreams – especially writers, artists, musicians – all Creatives! Actually, we are all Creatives whether we are traditional artists, musicians and writers or not. Everyone has a spark of creativity in them and it is this spark that I embrace and love to nurture in others.

You only have until December 31st to order your book from Kickstarter. Please go to for more information. Or, go to Elmore to learn more about this beautiful art book.


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