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LaRosa’s honors student achievement

Fresh-baked pizza
Fresh-baked pizza
Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

A Cincinnati pizzeria is providing a delicious incentive to reward children for academic excellence, citizenship and good attendance.

LaRosa’s Pizzeria has been helping educators for almost 20 years by providing free prizes to students in Cincinnati through the Pizzachievement program. Participation is open to educators of students in Kindergarten through Eighth grade in private and public schools as well as home school settings. To participate in the program, teachers and principals create an account at the Pizzachievement website. Upon approval, student rewards are sent to the school. To recognize hard work, kindness and other efforts, teachers may order certificates for a small, one-topping pizza, certificates for a free calzone, or pencils.

For more information, visit the LaRosa’s Pizzachievement website.

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