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'Lark & Eagle' looks to take flight

"Lark & Eagle" hopes to give new life to two has been super heroes with the help of a new reality show.
"Lark & Eagle" hopes to give new life to two has been super heroes with the help of a new reality show.
Image courtesy of Steve Johnson, used with permission

"Lark & Eagle" is a hopeful new comic book series, currently, looking to complete funding through a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. Created by Steve Johnson, "Lark & Eagle" #1 has 16 more days to raise a minimum of $3,200. At the time of this writing, the crowdfunding campaign has raised 84% of its goal with $2,700 in pledges.

Johnson describes "Lark & Eagle" as: "[T]wo down on their luck heroes given a second chance by a reality TV show. The show, called Hero Overhaul, has arranged for the two to have their powers upgraded and their public images revamped. Now they are ready to fight crime once again." While super heroes on a reality television show may not be a new concept, the fact that these are two has-been heroes given a second opportunity, complete with power upgrades from the producers, adds a fresh component to the idea. This creative twist on an established concept makes "Lark & Eagle" a project worth supporting.

The creative team behind "Lark & Eagle" #1 includes cover artist J.K. Woodward with a variant cover by John Wright. The book is written by Steve Johnson with pencils by Toro Diego, inks from Mickey Clausen, colors by Matt Webb and Ed Dukeshire lettering. Kickstarter reward prints are also available from Ben Holliday (Eagle) and Peter Raymond (Lark).

Other rewards for the campaign include digital and print copies of "Lark & Eagle" #1 at 5 and ten dollars, respectively. Artists commissions are also available at various levels. One can even get a cameo of their own super hero in the issue or get oneself cast as a villain.

Funds raised through the Kickstarter campaign will go towards completing production of "Lark & Eagle" #1 and all associated rewards. Johnson and company need only raise $500 more by August 2. If the campaign reaches $3,200 prior to that date, stretch goals will be announced, potentially, increasing the rewards for your pledge level. So, after you become a backer, be sure to share the campaign with others.