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Largest touch screen in the United States

The Collection Wall and the Cleveland Museum of Art
The Collection Wall and the Cleveland Museum of Art
Photo by Donald Farris

I call it the “Field of Screens.” The Collection Wall at the Cleveland Museum of Art is the largest multi-touch screen in the United States. It stands five feet by 40 feet and is composed of 150 Christie Micro Tiles with 23 million pixels. This is the equivalent of 23 million pixels, the equivalent of 23 HDTVs.

High resolution digital cameras are used to photograph the museums 4,100 works of art. This allows the screen to display images as large as 50 by 40 inches.

The images display changes every 40 seconds grouping the works by theme and type. There are 32 curated views of the collection. Visitors can download images to their iPad. (A topic for another article.)

Visitors can interact with the wall by touching what they want to examine. This provides a feedback loop to the museum staff to see what interests visitors.

For techies, CMA’s website states, “Software was written using open Frameworks and runs on two Windows 7 workstations supported by four Linux servers processing the video across the wall, and an RFID server managing the iPad/iPhone station connectivity.”

Please see this short Vimeo video to see the Collection Wall in action.


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