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Largest cannabis DNA project launched in California

Photo by Jasper Juinen/Getty Images

CW Analytical is a laboratory in Oakland, California that works with dispensaries of medical marijuana to analyze and provide data regarding their marijuana, its safety, characteristics, and more.

Partnered with, CW Analytical has launched The Cannabis DNA Project. The initiative is a crowd-sourced data project asking a few simple questions: what is marijuana? What are the differences between cannabis sativa and cannabis indica? What is the composition of the different strains?

Due to its controversial nature, cannabis has not been studied extensively. The standardized genetic analysis being conducted is claimed to be the largest ever genetic survey of marijuana conducted. Scientists at CW Analytical are employing the same testing currently performed for paternity testing to come up with a genetic fingerprint of the different samples. This fingerprint can be used by growers to see the exact breakdown of their strain and to monitor changes in it.

As the mainstream marijuana industry continues to blossom, this kind of scientific research is necessary to ensure the health and safety of individuals using marijuana for medicinal and recreational purposes.

Growers and dispensaries looking to find out more about their weed, and contribute to an important project, contact the CW Analytical for more information at

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