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Largemout bass are looking for love

Largemouth bass are looking for love right now in our man-made pond. The pond was built about 10 years ago or more. My father in law and his friends built it between two pieces of land that he owned. We live in a subdivision, and now have our house on the other side of his pond. My wife is his daughter, and the pond has been there a while and has a lot of fish in it.

A nice fishing pond
Richard C. Ryder

Every morning, my father in law will be outside feeding the smaller fish pellets. You’ll watch the bream and some smaller bass hitting the top of the water and chasing the pellets. All of this can be seen from the back window of our house. I can see almost every part of the pond, except the far side, which is shallower than the side that we live on.

Lately the weather has been getting warmer at night and pretty warm during the day. You can already see the largemouth bass making their beds and getting ready for “love”. I tell my wife that it is called “the dance”. You can see the female and male bass swimming around in circles and the tails coming up out of the water. When she first witnessed this, she thought that they were fighting.

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