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Large Texas women standards

The Texas abortion law is finally in real time. We’ve heard of clinics closing. Not enough data is available to touch on the birth rate increase or decrease. Women are traveling many miles to reach centers that operate or provide alternatives. There is outrage by the liberals and women’s rights. There are outcries of morality from conservative Pro-Life exhibiters. San Antonio is a perfect case study of the law and its progressive or oppressive nature.

Common knowledge for those that follow are aware of some copy points about the law. No abortions past the first trimester (mind you this is common knowledge/loosely informed); abortion pills are where (?), and coming soon in September, the only abortion show in town is at a surgical facility. The cry is loud.

At polar, less encouraging are abortions when not readily available. A touch of self-righteousness perhaps. But let’s look at some key factors here. The US Appeals Court has already upheld the law. Which means it’s here to stick (even if we didn’t vote on it—look up what a “Republic” is for reference).

Yes all of Texas will be affected by the coddling of conception, but there is some silver lining.

1) The surgical facilities. Have people noticed all the satellite ER’s popping up around town. It’s like fast food emergency care. (And we were worried about health care reform hindering business).

2) The clinics that are being “forced” to shut down, also have the option to certify up—which means upgrade to an actual national medical standards level facility. As a Father, that should be expected for the mother of my children (or wait, last night was a mistake, “can this be billed to my insurance?”). I know that if I was a commercial lender I would be seeking the closing clinics for loans to upgrade so they can stay open and even provide services in my own moral business banker like way. See, silver lining.

These are benefits for the obvious. If in the event an abortion is needing to be done, in particular past the spectrum of the “abortion pill,” the facility should be to code. But this does not mean that this law is right either. Truth is, there is nothing a man can offer or say on this subject of child birth on behalf of a woman. But as far as any more imposition on women by state or Federal law—shame on you.

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