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Large rally organized against police officer who shot dog in Idaho

Rally against police officer who shot and killed dog
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According to Wednesday's KMVT News, hundreds of people attended a rally in Filer, Idaho, yesterday to demand that a police officer, who shot and killed a man's dog, be fired.

The uproar started after Officer Tarek Hassani shot and killed Rick Clubb's black Labrador retriever in Filer last weekend after he received a call about a dog at large.

The dash cam on Officer Hassani's police cruiser captured the disturbing incident.

The video (which is graphic) captures two Labrador retrievers barking at the officer as he exits his police cruiser.

The officer can be seen kicking and yelling at the dogs as he makes his way towards the door of Rick Clubb's home. Within moments, the officer's efforts to keep the dogs away takes a deadly turn as he fires his gun and the seven-year-old dog drops to the ground screaming in pain.

After killing the dog, Hassani knocks on Clubb's door and tells him that he has just shot his dog - during the conversation, Officer Hassani admits that he was bitten, in the past, by another dog and he "will not" be bitten again.

Those in support of seeing Hassani relieved of his duties are upset that the officer chose to utilize deadly force against the dog - some have called him irresponsible and others, trigger happy. Questions have been raised as to why the officer did not get back into his cruiser and attempt to reach the dog's owner in another manner.

Some people in the town do support Hassani's actions and feel that he was justified in killing the dog.

The incident is being investigated and Hassani remains on administrative leave.

A Facebook page asking for Hassani to be relieved of his duties currently has over 10,000 followers.

Prior story about this incident at this link.

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