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Large mammoth tusk found by construction workers will go to museum

Construction workers uncovered a very rare mammoth tusk while excavating a site in Seattle Tuesday, and the landowner has agreed to donate it to the Burke Museum of Natural History and Culture at the University of Washington. According to a Feb. 13 article on the Epoch Times, the mammoth tusk will be of tremendous educational value to future generations, but the landowner actually had the choice to do something more profitable with the ice age tusk if he desired.

Construction workers uncover a rare find.,

According to, Transit Plumbing was excavating a site in the South Lake Union area of Seattle when they hit something hard. When they realized it was a mammoth tusk, they halted work immediately and called in the experts.

This ancient relative of the elephant probably dates back approximately 10,000 years, Christian Sidor of the Burke Museum told MSN. The museum will use carbon dating to establish a more exact age of the tusk.

Although a rare find, the mammoth tusks and teeth are found commonly enough here that the Columbian mammoth is the state fossil of Washington.

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