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Large corporations increase demand for natural gas

As the disparity between the price of natural gas and gasoline widen, many large corporations, especially those with large truck fleets, are looking into fueling their vehicles with the lower cost, cheaper alternative; natural gas.

Natural gas cost about 75% percent less than oil. With the number of shale formations across the country, and based upon the facts on fracking technology used to harvest it, the natural gas supply is cheap, abundant, and readily available, domestically.

The technology advances in natural gas powered trucks, now allows them to haul more freight over longer distances, with less stops to refuel. The last point is key because there is a minimum number of natural gas stations in the US.

This is where Corporate America is making a huge investment, by not only expanding their truck fleets to use more natural gas vehicles, but building natural gas fueling stations.

United Parcel Service, Inc (UPS), Frito Lay, Procter & Gamble, as well Ryder Trucks are increasing the number of natural gas vehicles in their fleets. Energy companies are building the infrastructure for the vehicles, which include retro-fitting gas stations with natural gas pumps.

UPS is taking it a step further and not only expanding its fleet, the company will also spend $68 million to build 13 natural gas stations across the United States.

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