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Large budgets and large investments in content marketing for 2014

Sequoia invests $24 million into content marketing platform
Sequoia invests $24 million into content marketing platform
Yagi Studio/Getty Images

According to content marketing budgets are set at 68% for B2C and over 50% for B2B in 2014. Despite this awareness of the importance of content, BizReport states that less than a third of their surveyed companies are actually able to measure their content marketing ROI.

Content creation is so valued by companies that Sequoia (a venture capital firm) dumped $24 million to fund a content marketing platform called Percolate. Other companies have invested in this platform as well.

CNN notes that Percolate has already acquired 150 clients and those clients include well known giants such as Unilever and MasterCard.

The nice thing about this platform is its intention to help get legal permissions for photo republishing, as well as detailed analytics for each content as it is produced through the various stages of production.

But it also assists marketers as they distribute content through each marketing channel. On the Percolate website, it displays an image of suggested trends and suggested photos that compliment your article topic. Now that could be quite useful.

The only question left is, while other platforms and proprietors pride themselves as content marketing support engines, what sets Percolate apart? If so many big names are both investing and partnering with Percolate, it must mean something.

There are so many content distribution platforms, which ones have worked best for you?

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