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Lara Spencer of 'Good Morning America' pitches her product on 'Shark Tank'

On Friday, “Good Morning America” continued its "Shark Tank" segment with the sharks from the popular ABC show. The co-hosts of "Good Morning America" have been taking turns pitching their products to the millionaire entrepreneurs. George Stephanopoulos was the first to enter the shark tank. Amy Robach was the second to pitch her product. Ginger Zee was the third to enter the shark tank last week.

The sharks evaluated the products just as they do with real entrepreneurs on "Shark Tank" that airs on Friday nights on ABC. The only difference is that the "GMA" anchors do not ask for money. The sharks evaluate the anchors' pitches and give the product or service a score ranging from 1-5.

According to ABC News, Lara Spencer, a native of Long Island, New York pitched the "Strong Island," a ready-made cocktail that has nearly 200 fewer calories than an average 4-ounce Long Island Iced Tea. Lara began her pitch by saying, “As a busy working mom who now drinks tons of diet and regular iced tea during work as well as after working out, I realized no one had thought of combining the delicious iced tea flavors out there like Peach and Green with the nostalgia of the old Long Island Iced Tea to create a convenient ready-made cocktail for women everywhere. I want to call it "Strong Island" because the name conjures up something strong and bold, just like the people I grew up with."

Lara brought along with her “Skinnygirl” creator Bethenny Frankel who has been advising her on creating a low-calorie and ready-made version of the Long Island Iced Tea, a popular cocktail typically made with a combination of triple sec, rum, gin, vodka, tequila, a cola-flavored carbonated beverage and lemon.

Lara pushed her product by assuring the panel that she wants women who drink "Strong Island" iced teas to know when they are done trying to be the perfect wife, mother and co-worker, they can finally let their hair down and just be themselves, with a cocktail they can trust.

At the end of Lara's pitch, the sharks agreed with Lara and gave her a good rating. The two women sharks, Barbara Corcoran and Lori Greiner evaluated the product with a score of 4. Sharks Mark Cuban and Kevin O’Leary gave Lara a score of 5, and Daymond John liked the product so much, he gave it a score of 5+. That puts Lara in the lead so far. Ginger's coverings for her fingers and toes called "Fiery Filanges" earned her a score of 20. Amy's "Paw Pitstop" product earned a score of 13. George's product earned 16 points for his "Dad-tionary.

Lara says she is so passionate about her product that she will continue producing it even after the "Shark Tank" segment.

Robin Roberts is the last host to take her turn in the shark tank to pitch her product or service. After she has presented her idea, viewers will get to vote for their favorite from on the talk show's website. "Good Morning America" will donate $20,000 to two small start-up companies.

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